Group Overview

Since its inception in 1994, ENRC has worked hard to create a leading diversified natural resources group with integrated mining, processing, energy, logistical and marketing operations.

This transformation has produced a thriving international business with yearly revenue in excess of US$7.7 billion, approved capital expenditure of around US$2.7 billion for 2012 and over 70,000 employees.

The Group’s assets are mostly located in the Republic of Kazakhstan and comprise: Kazchrome, Zhairem GOK, SSGPO, Aluminium of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter (‘KAS’), Eurasian Energy Corporation (‘EEC’) and ENRC Logistics.

Other assets, notably the Other Non-ferrous Division, are mainly located in Africa, and include the copper and cobalt assets of Boss Mining, SMKK, Chambishi Metals PLC and a 50.5% stake of Camrose Resources Limited (‘Camrose’).

ENRC also owns Serov Group, a ferroalloys producer in Russia, Bahia Minerals BV (‘BMBV’), an exploratory iron ore mining project in Brazil, as well as a 50% stake in the Xinjiang Tuoli Taihang Ferroalloy Company in China (‘Tuoli’) and a 14.35% interest in Northam Platinum Limited, a major platinum producer in South Africa.

Contributing significantly to Kazakhstan's GDP, the Group is now one of the world's largest producers of ferrochrome; one of the world's significant exporters of iron ore; the world's ninth largest producer of traded alumina; and one of the largest electricity providers in Kazakhstan.